Late Night Thoughts 101

U try to hide the feelings that u don’t show.

N time goes by but damn it really moves slow

Now home alone at night that’s when u start to lose hope

U can’t trust no one to talk so they don’t know

All the pain u got it bottle up inside

They say it’s best for ur soul if u clear ur mind

So u roll up the let downs and failures

Look at em one good time and inhale em

And they even say that’s bad

But u rather be high than sad

What do they know?

About them feelings u don’t show.

U enjoy your nights rest

For tomorrow starts another one of life’s test

And when it gets hectic u decide to exit

Too consumed in your hurt so ya problems u neglect it

Can I have a normal day ?

When things are ok?

When ur not in your head

Walking around half dead

Pressure on the brain

Life is a soap opera all u can do is complain.

Another 24 down another to go

Roll the problems up, inhale em after u roll


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