Untitled by Jimirah Williams

They forgot how to count…

because they didn’t add me

But somehow I realized I looked Better separately

See I don’t need to be in any competition

I’m a God fearing woman sent on a mission

And I say that with all due respect

Because they look at me crazy when I demand it

See nothing given to me was ever handed

I stand firm on the ground feet planted

Prayers and self motivation

The struggle of being a black woman in this nation

Raising my kids with peace in mind

reinventing myself time after time

Letting go of society’s expectations of me

Coming to terms with the reflection I see

Loving thyself wholeheartedly

Living my best life MORALLY

No I’m not perfect, sometimes I do the most

But like perennial flowers, I have seasons of growth

No more chips on my shoulder

I don’t wanna be heartless n colder

I’ll release the Love I wasn’t given

To create a better world to live in