Untitled by Jimirah Williams

They forgot how to count…

because they didn’t add me

But somehow I realized I looked Better separately

See I don’t need to be in any competition

I’m a God fearing woman sent on a mission

And I say that with all due respect

Because they look at me crazy when I demand it

See nothing given to me was ever handed

I stand firm on the ground feet planted

Prayers and self motivation

The struggle of being a black woman in this nation

Raising my kids with peace in mind

reinventing myself time after time

Letting go of society’s expectations of me

Coming to terms with the reflection I see

Loving thyself wholeheartedly

Living my best life MORALLY

No I’m not perfect, sometimes I do the most

But like perennial flowers, I have seasons of growth

No more chips on my shoulder

I don’t wanna be heartless n colder

I’ll release the Love I wasn’t given

To create a better world to live in



beautiful book celebration close up
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Your feelings. Not right. Not wrong. Being a Pisces they say The Arts is the only real way to feel free and yet connected. we tend to find our true purpose through the Arts. Poetry is one of those Arts. As an avid writer aspiring to become published one day, I’ve spent many months to myself. Going from Mother, Student, head of household. All while still being a young adult and trying to navigate through this crazy world. Within this time Ive written many thoughts to myself, those of which I have only recently worked up the courage to share with you guys. I will be posting more often. More poetry at that. I would love any feedback and any opportunities to network with other poets and hopefully be able to perform some of it aloud.

Thank you,

Love, Jim❤️