No Love

My love life is non existent

There’s no romance

There’s not even a man

Shit not even a woman

Time stands still

Like those first few seconds of waking up

Asking yourself is this real?

Yup your alone, in that queen size bed

You’ve been ready to upgrade to a king

but with out one?

Eh, too much room to toss n turn

Just another example of the emptiness that you yearn to fill

You don’t like the public.

You avoid crowds

But you crave that empathetic connection

With just one being

Just one who will understand

How your as complex as statistics

Variables changing at any given time

Your soul is beautiful

Your heart

So why can’t anyone see

Why am I alone

When I have all this love, affection, and knowledge to share with another.

I desire face to face , skin to skin , chest to chest contact

But I guess the desires of the heart sometimes go unfulfilled.

I guess god doesn’t think I’m ready

Should I prepare more?

Or maybe he’s gearing up my soulmate for what’s in store


Until then Love just doesn’t exist here.